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"Research and Travel" is a privately run research institution, a tour operator specializing in roots and heritage travel and a cultural agency managing heritage projects in migration studies and family history.

We organize travel to Germany for groups and individuals either with pre-arranged tours or on personal itineraries.

We carry out ancestral and historical biographical research, identify places of origins or whereabouts of emigrants and add information to your family history.

We have initiated or participated in many museum and heritage projects, exhibits, publications and have developed other ways to disseminate knowledge on the migration experience among which is our �Heritage Map of Northwest Germany�.

Links as well as direct access to our project �Find your Roots in Germany� allows you to inform yourself on the topic of emigration and family history research.

Our Photo gallery presents a variety of photos from our travels and projects.

Our services and tours for our German travelers to the US are described in the German section of our site.