Photos of "Hendrick Family Tour" 2010.

In the late October 2010 Margaret and Gerald Hendrick explored Stüwe family history at Bremen and Langförden in the North of Germany. Then to Rudolstadt and stadtilm Thuringia and to Stemmler ancestry places in the Palatinate. Weimar family at Oferdingen, Württemberg. And finally to Switzerland to explore the Eberle family history. A great tour with multiple surprises.

© Research and Travel Dr. Grams

At Langförden
Here was the farm
Baptismal fond
Stadtilm with pastor
Ancestral home Stadtilm
Stadtilm chapel
Historic structures
Roland Paul Kaiserslautern
Excursion Lauerhof
Navigation to ancestral place
Oferdingen with local experts
Walenstadt chronicles author
Eberle family
Eberle winery
Eberle hopsitality
Walenestadt Switzerland