Photos of the Personal Itinerary Henneberg 2012.

In September of 2012 Larry and Carolyn Henneberg from Beatrice, NE discovered family history at Barsinghausen, Groß Munzel and places in the Hanover area. Heinrich Friedrich Hunerberg was born at Barrigsen in 1823, baptised at Groß Munzel, emigrated to Illinois. One of the highlights of the tour: Henneberg castle and former dynasty in Thuringia.

© Research and Travel Dr. Grams

At Groß Munzel
Mr. Hugo at family gravesite
Carol and Larry Henneberg
Mr. Hugo at Barrigsen estate
Old script at beam
Inscription at beam in Groß Munzel
The Hugo family home and garden
Groß Munzel ancestral church
Barrigsen Backhaus
The Harald Wieder family
Cousins Larry and Friedrich Hünerberg
Sabine and Herbert Mordfeld at Hünerberg backery
Hünerberg file at Groß Munzel
Hünerberg backery Basinghausen
Hünerberg backery at Barsinghausen
Krelingen the Scheele home
Hotel house Henneberg at Meiningen
Henneberg coat of arms
Henneberg castle entrance
At Henneberg castle Thuringia
Ruins of Henneberg castle
BMW 5 series
Scenic overlook at castle