Photos of "Popken Family Tour" 2011.

A true "Oldenburg-Nebraska" emigration story full of discoveries. Ken and Carol, Jim and Julie Popken with Ben found roots of the Popken, Wittes, Timmermanns and Scholes in Holle, Hude, Hatterwüsting and in the Oldenburg area. Manfred Mönning -again- joined the group as a local expert. Tour ended at Dresden, Lutherstadt Wittenberg and Berlin.

© Research and Travel Dr. Grams

Jim, Julie and Ben at Holzkamp
Handwritten sketch points the way
Old pictures led the way
At Holzkamp Farm
Historic festival at museum
At Cloppenburg museum
Historc stage coach
At Cloppenburg museum
Ancestral homes at Hatterwüsting
Hude church service, Pastor Lupas
Ancestral church Holle
Hude cloister ruins
Manfred Mönning helps
All with Manfred at Norderholzmoor
Welcome at Holle church
At Würdemann farm
Elbe river old ferry
Luthertstadt Wittenberg