Photos of the Rasnick Rührschneck Heritage Tour 2012.

Jacob Rührschneck from Aufhausen, Franconia became a "Hesse" soldier in 1777 when the Duke of Ansbach sold troups to George III of England. His descendants traced his life in Franconia and also traveled as fare as to Austria from where the Rührschnecks were expelled as protestant refugees in 1753.

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Sabine Schleichert and Marie Fetzer Rasnick
At Salzburg Mozarteum
At Salzburg
Rooms with a view at Rappottenstein
2 nights at Rappottenstein castle, Austria
Rappottenstein torture chamber
Rührschneck souvenir at Austria
Rührschneck church book
Frieda, Marie and Pastor Schmidt
At Markt Berolzheim with church documents
Off road excursion
Historic Adler Inn at Aufkirchen
Sabine has documents
Play 1663 organ at Aufkirchen
Organ concert
Aufkirchen with Frieda and Marie Rasnick
At Aufkirchen townhall
The Irsingen baptismal fountain
Meet Rasnicks
Ansbach uniforms
Ansbach Archive with Mr. Bürger
Jacob Rührschnecks embarkation site at Marktbreit
At Leutershausen
Dinner at Parkhotel