Photos of the Shirley Riemer Tour "German Heritage for Beer Lovers"

Once again Shirley Riemer, well known editor of the "Blumenbaum" and a group from Sacramento did tour with us.

© Research and Travel Dr. Grams

Wolfgang Grams
Pide piper in Hamelin
Shirley Riemer
Wine tasting Franconia
Well known destination Berlin
Weihenstephan brewery
Shirley explains the days program
Potsdam, Sanssoucci Palace
Musicians in Oberammergau
Hail and hell back from Oberammergau
Mariensquare in Munich
Linderhof palace
Levy Strauss home, Buttenheim
Historic library Corvey
Cloister Corvey
Historic library Corvey
Farmers market Einbeck
Einbeck brewery
Einbeck brew crew
Dr. Tanja Roppelt at Jewish cemetary
Bavarian beergarden