Photos of "Whitman Family Tour" 2011.

David and Hanh Whitman along with cousin Susan had a challenging itinerary based on David’s extensive genealogical research including visits to archives at Landau and Pirmasens, Elsass/France and Pforzheim, Stuttgart and Würzburg locations. Finally to Marburg and back to Frankfurt. Very helpful and interested local experts everywhere we went and also a Wittmann-winery found. Cheers to the hard work and friendly people.

Hambach castle
Landau city archive
Research at Landau
Martin Wittmann winery Arzheim
Martin Wittmanns vinyard
Chapel in wineyards
Hanh meets Vietnam immigrant
Surprsise at Landau
Emigration records Landau
Research during trip
Startig excursion Elsass
At Bouxviller Elsass
Our BMW at Straßburg hotel
With expert at Bouxviller
David, Hanh, Susan at Broetzingen
Oberelsbach excursion
Kuechler home Oberelsbach
Ancestral church