Heritage Map Northwest

We are sorry, the map is out of print. A new edition is being planned.

A Travel and Research Companion

The Heritage Map of Northwest Germany is an attractive tourist guide as well as a research tool for Americans who travel through Northwestern Germany. The map is currently only available in English.

Heritage Map Northwest

The map includes the territory of the former Grand Duchy of Oldenburg (without the regions of Birkenfeld and Lübeck), parts of the former kingdom of Hanover, the city of Bremen with Bremerhaven as well as Cuxhaven, from where the Hamburg America Line operated its service to North America.

  • 70 x 100 cm; folded: 14 x 25 cm
  • attractive Mapdesign, double-sided
  • 99 entries and texts, 80 pictures,
  • 4 city- or regional maps, 4 special maps,
  • overview and adresses of archives.
  • Price USD 9,00 plus USD 6,00 mailing fees.

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In the Heritage Map Northwest meaningful locations for the migration experience are presented with the aid from icons.

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Historical Streets and Places
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Museums, Exhibitions about emigration
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Tales and facts
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Biographical portraits