Overview Heritage Projects

Projects 2012 to present will be added

"Research and Travel" investigates the historic and touristic potential for roots and heritage tourism. On this basis RsRs compiles concepts of tourism and routes and conducts tours for American visitors to Germany and Europe.

For clients, for concept studies, product development or research in Germany, are cultural institutions, firms and individual persons, as well as organizations, which promote tourism and economy. Next to travel and research RsRs has carried out the following projects:

Project Theme Where and When Partners and Clients
Presentation, Incoming 17. Düütsch-Amerikaansche Plattdüütsch Konferenz in Aurich Aurich September 7th - 9th 2012. The conference was hosted by the Ostfriesische Landschaft /East Frisian Heritage Society. Approx 200 participants, 40 of them from the USA attended and many of them went on our excursions during these days. German TV teams of NDR and RTL broadcasted.
Incoming Erika Hansen Heritage Tour Amsterdam, Delft, Gent, Brügge, Maastricht, Paris and D-Day sites at in Normandy. September 2012 Like in 2010 Erika Hansen from Iowa brought a group over to attend the Platt-Conference in Germany 2012. A post-conference tour presented an exciting European itinerary
Exhibition and Events Nach Kanada. Abschied und Ankunft - Cuxhaven und Halifax. In Zusammenarbeit mit Pier 21, Halifax Cuxhaven, Mai-November 2011. Halifax, Kanada, Mai 2012 Förderverein Hapag Hallen Cuxhaven und Canadian Museum of Immigration Pier 21 at Halifax
Travel MS Columbus. Die Metropolen amerikanischer Geschichte. Vorträge und Landausflüge, Exkursionen Von Toronto nach Miami. U.a. Montreal, Halifax, Boston, New York, Baltimore, Charleston. November 2011 Hapag Lloyd Kreuzfahrten
Travel Eine Woche im Big Apple New York, Oktober 2011 Akademie 55 plus, Darmstadt
Travel Plattdeutsch in Amerika. Mit 16. Deutsch Amerikanischer Plattdeustch-Konferenz in Wausau, Wisconson Chicago, Illinois, St. Louis, Davenport, Minneapolis, Wausau, Wisconsin. September 2011 Deutsch Amerikanische Vereine, Wisconsin
Travel Queen Mary 2 Transatlantik. Vorträge Von New York nach Hamburg. Juli 2011 Cunard Carnival Cruises
Incoming and Prensentation Tuteur International Family Reunion. Über 80 Gäste aus USA, Argentinien, Israel, Europa bei Familientreffen mit Präsentationen und Exkursionen. Bad Kreuznach, Juni 2011 The Tuteur Family Association, Michael Tuteur, Boston
Travel MS Europa. Im Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten. Vorträge Von Honolulu nach Acapulco. U.a. Hilo, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Baja California. März 2011 Hapag Lloyd Kreuzfahrten
Workshop and Planning of Museum Heritage Museums and Roots-Tourism Antwerpen, Belgien, Februar 2011 City of Antwerpen and Red Star Line Museum
Incoming The American Travel Writers Association. Excursions and Post Conference Tour Bremen, Bremerhaven, Cuxhaven, Hamburg, Oktober 2010 Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus, DZT, Frankfurt und New York
Presentation The Pursuit of Happiness - Auswanderung nach Amerika. Colloquium "The American Dream" Buttenheim, Oktober 2010 Levy Strauss Museum, Buttenheim
Presentation, Incoming 15. Deutsch Amerikanische Plattdeutsch-Konferenz in Nortorf, Schleswig Holstein Nortorf, Juni 2010 Stadt Nortorf und Plattdeutsche Kultureinrichtungen Schleswig Holstein
Travel MS Hanseatic. Expedition Wissen. Am Puls der Neuen Welt. Vorträ:ge, Diskussionen und Exkursionen. Von Miami nach Halifax. U.a. Charleston, Alexandria, Baltimore, New York, Halifax, Mai 2010 Hapag Lloyd Kreuzfahrten
Travel New York, New York New York, April 2010 Newman English Center und Universität Oldenburg, Department of Economics and Law
Workshop, Presentation Roots- und Heritage Tourismus Nürnberg, Heidelberg, Koblenz, Hamburg, Osnabrück, lutherstadt Wittenberg, November und Dezember 2009 Bundeswirtschaftsministerium, Deutscher Tourismusverband
Presentation Roots- and Heritage Tourismus: 400 Jahre erste deutsche Einwanderung in Amerika. Die Wurzeln der Herkunft ergründen. Auftaktveranstaltung. Bremerhaven, Mai 2009 Bundeswirtschaftsministerium, Deutscher Tourismusverband und Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus DZT
Presentation Archivische Bestände in der Auswanderungsforschung Wilhelmshaven, April 2009 Verband der Kommunalarive Norddeutschland
Presentation Digitalisierung und Archivdokumentation Deutscher Archivtag Erfurt, September 2009 Ancestry.com
Incoming The Migration Experience. Excursion Northwest Germany. August 2009, 2010, 2011 Nds. Museumsdorf Cloppenburg and Intern. Jugenddienste Hildesheim
Travel 14th Low German Conference in US Marysville, Kansas July 2009
Incoming 400 years of Emigration to America - Find your roots in Germany. Promotion of Heritage Tourism. From May 2009 Deutscher Tourismusverband DTV
Incoming Product-workshop Routes- and Heritage Tourism Germany Travel Mart, Rostock, May 2009 German Center for Tourism DZT
Exhibition The Holkenbrink-Story. Emigration from Bad Laer Bad Laer, March 2009 Heimatverein Bad Laer
Cultural project Heritage Map Germany Completion Summer 2009 German Center for Tourism NY
Travel Venne goes West: Auf den Spuren der Auswanderer in Karlifornien und Indiana. Oktober 2008
Cultural project Steubenparade 2008: Preisträger reisen nach New York September 2008 Ballinstadt Hamburg
Incoming The Rosenbohm Heritage Tour: Hannover, Osnabrück, Oldenburg, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Hamburg September 2008 The Rosenbohm Family Clan, USA
Travel New Melle Missouri - Melle: 20 Jahre Partnerschaft August 2008 In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Deutsch-Amerikanischen Freundeskreis Melle-New Melle
Travel MS Bremen. Expedition Wissen. Am Puls der Neuen Welt. Vorträge, Diskussionsrunden und Exkursionen. Von Miami nach Halifax. U.a. mit Charleston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, New Yprk, Boston. Juni 2008 Hapag Lloyd Kreuzfahrten
Documentation Historisch Biographische Datenbanken auf www.ancestry.de 2008 TGN / Ancestry.com / Deutsche und Europäische Staatsarchive
Incoming The Drum Heritage Tour: (North Carolina): Pflaz, Württemberg, Schweiz, Bremen, Bremerhaven. März 2008 Drum and Siegbold Family Clan, USA
TV Production Election campaign and Caucus in Iowa. Guidance for a television spot with America-East Frisian in Grundy Center. January 2008 RTL
Travel The 50.th Steubenparade in New York. The jubilee of the German American Week. September 2007
Website German Originality: Webseite of the DZT, Documentation Summer 2007 Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus
TV Production Plattdütsch in Kansas. Guidance for film location and Portraits in Kansas. January 2007 NDR
Incoming Heritage-Tour: The Strauss Family Historical Society. With the dedication of the Strauss Plaza in Ottersberg September 2006
TV Production Plattdütsch in New York. Portrait of the german-american scene in Manhattan and Brooklyn. September 2006 NDR
Travel With the "Oldenburgkutsche" over the 5th Avenue. The 49.th Steubenparade in New York September 2006
Travel With the MS Astor on the routes of the emigrants. Transatlantic Bremerhaven - New York, Eastcoast USA and Canada 24. July to 11. August 2006 Transocean Tours
Travel Study trip Advisory Board of German Center for Tourism NY 22. to 25. October 2005 German Center for Tourism NY
Research and documentation Emigration databank of Bad Laer Spring- summer 2005 Parish of Bad Laer
Travel Press trip for US museum specialists and journalists to Bavaria 6. to 12. May 2005 Bayerntourismus GmbH und Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus, NY
Research, documentation and Incoming "Find your Roots in Germany", Germany Brochure Spring 2005 German National Tourist Office New York, NY Broschüre
Travel Into the new world, MS Europa from Montreal, Canada to Philadelphia 2. to 13. October 2004 Hapag-Lloyd cruises
Research and Documentation MyFamily.com, Research and documentation of historical-biographical data inventory continuous MyFamily.com, Provo/Utah
Travel Press trip Routes and Heritage tourism Summer 2004 German Center for Tourism NY and Frankfurt
Program and route planning Routes and Heriate tourism in Bavaria Fall 2003 to Summer 2004 Bavarian Tourism GmbH
Research Johnny Weißmüller Exhibit for the 100th Birthday Fall 2003 to Spring 2004 Donauschwäbisches Zentralmuseum Ulm
Travel Into the new world with the MS Hanseatic to Quebec, Canada to Charleston, South Carolina 17. to 31. October 2003 Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzfahrten
Biographical research and concept planning German Emigration Center, Bremerhaven Spring 2004 German Emigration Center, Studio Andreas Heller
Concept, Production "Heritage Map Northwest". A historical and cultural Map Completion march 2003 Bremen and Lower Saxony,Tourism- and heritage sonsorship of the region HeritageMap
Concept planning, exhibit, documentation Erlebniswelt Auswanderung - Interactive museum for emigration history in Bremerhaven Spring 2003 BIS Bremerhaven in collaboration with Studio Andreas Heller, Hamburg
Travel With MS Astor from Bremerhaven to New York "On the trail of the emigrants" Fall 2002 Transocean Tours, Bremen
Concept planning Evaluation of the cultural-historical potential of Vegasack and of the River Weser February to April 2002 Media branch office and economy promoter Vegasack
Database, Documentation "Find your Roots in Germany - Links for Researchers and Travellers", http://www.roots-in-germany.de/ January 2002 to November 2002 German Center for Tourism and German Information Center, New York
Culture project, travel "Mythos New York" October 2001 to January 2002 In collaboration with the Kuturetage Oldenburg, I Broschüre
Travel, Culture project "Plattdeutsch in Amerika" Trip to the 4th Plattdeutsch Conference in America in Grand Island, Nebraska October 2001 In cooperation with the Schleswig-Holstein German American Society / J. Reppmann
Travel, Culture project, CD-production, presentation Bremen - Atlanta, "From Bremen to America - The Migration Experience" Atlanta Georgia September 2001 Senate of the Free Hansiatic City of Bremen and BIG Bremen. In Collaboration with the German-American Chamber of Commerce of Atlanta, Georgia Broschüre
Travel "From Charlemagne to European Unification" - Cultural-historical travel in Germany and Europe 4. to 20. August 2001 Sacramento Genealogical Society
Incoming, Excursion Annual conference of the ICDE (International Council for Open and Distance Education)Pre-conference tours and excursions April 2001 Center for distance learning at the University of Oldenburg
Cultural project, travel "With the MS Deutschland to Amerika" Cuxhaven, Plymouth/GB, Waterford/IRL, St. Johns, Halifax/Kanada, New York, September 2000 Peter Deilmann Reederei, Neustadt/Holstein
Incoming, Conference Annual conference of the Association of European Migration Institutions (AEMI) 2000, Conference, Incoming Excursions Bremerhaven, September 2000 AEMI, EU
Incoming, Travel Day excursions for American river cruise travel Cloppenburg, Ammerland, Frisia, East Frisia, between Weser and Ems Summer 2000, 2001 Alumni Holiday International, USA / Pan Arte Tours, Bochum
Exhibit Special interactive exhibit "Abenteuer Spurensuche" Immigration to America Bremerhaven, At the Old Harbor 1. July to 31. Oktober 2000 registrated project of the EXPO 2000, Projekt Gesellschaft Erlebniswelt Auswanderung Bremen/ Bremerhaven Broschüre
Incoming, Conference Annual conference of the Society for GermanAmerican Studies (SGAS) 2000 Bremerhaven 11. to 17. June 2000 SGAS , USA
Conference "History with future" North German Emigration Projects are introduced Cuxhaven, March 2000 In collaboration with the supporting society of Hapag Halle
Film "Our East Frisian Heritage". Americans visit East Frisia, 30 min documentation. Students of the Film Academy Potsdam Babelsberg Completed December 1999 Academy for Film Potsdam, Babelsberg. With support from the Lower Saxony Foundation
Cultural project, travel "With the MS Deutschland to Amerika" Cuxhaven, Plymouth/GB, Waterford/IRL, St. Johns, Halifax/Kanada, New York, September 1999 Peter Deilmann Reederei, Neustadt/Holstein
Concept "Erlebniswelt Auswanderung", Concept planning and EXPO- proposal Bremerhaven, August 1999 Initiativkreis Auswanderung Bremerhaven/ Expo Programm Bremen/Bremerhaven Broschüre
Research/ Database "Emigration from the county of Cuxhaven" (CUXAUS), Regional Multimedia Database Cuxhaven, August 1999 Kurverwaltung und Arbeitskreis Hapag-Terminal Cuxhaven
Exhibit and Installation Steubenhöft Cuxhaven – "Farewell to Amerika" Cuxhaven, Steubenhöft, August 1999 Kurverwaltung und Expo Arbeitskreis Cuxhaven
Research, Database "Emigration of the county Cloppenburg and Vechta" (CLAUS) - Regional Multimedia Datenbase Oldenburg, Cloppenburg, March 1999 Nds. Museumsdorf Cloppenburg
Exhibit "Germans in the USA" within the exhibition: "Deutsche in der Fremde - Fremde in Deutschland" Cloppenburg, Stuttgart, Magdeburg, Hamburg and other locations starting Spring 1999 Nds. Museumsdorf Cloppenburg
Concept and product planning "The Palatine Emigrant" Concept and route planning for heritage tourism in the county of Kusel, Pfalz Kusel, Pfalz, Februar 1998 County of Kusel, Economic Aid
Concept and product planning "The Coastal Exodus" - Concept and route planning for Heritage tourism in Cuxhaven County Cuxhaven, February 1998 County of Cuxhaven
Exhibit "With the ship to Amerika" within the exhibit "Mobility at the countyside" Cloppenburg, Spring 1998 Nds. Museumsdorf Cloppenburg
Research, Database "Emigration of the old department Delmenhorst" (DELAUS) - Regional Multimedia Database Delmenhorst, December 1997 local museum of Delmenhorst
Research "Brunswik" in the USA - Emigration and settlement verifications “Braunschweig” Braunschweig, September 1997 Expool Region Braunschweig / NordLB
Tourism and cultural program "Iowa-Week" East Frisia 23. August to 1. September 1997 Together with the rural academy of Kummkörn
Concept “The Migration Experience Network” Concept and proposal for the local project Expo 2000 Bremen, March 1997 Expo- Program Bremen and Bremerhaven Broschüre
Exhibit "East Frisian Emigrants in the USA" Leer October 1996 Sparkasse Leer - Weener
Research and Documentation "Routes to the Roots" Development of a Network of European research and documentation centers for emigration history and development of cultural-historical travel offers 1994 to 1996 European Commission in collaboration with the organizations of European Tourism and cultural preservation